Partner Marketing Guide

Welcome to the NFHS Network Partner Marketing site. This site is designed to help you market and promote your events on the NFHS Network. We have included graphics, templates, best practices and everything else we could think of to help you get the word out. Take a look around.

If you prefer, you can download the full library for easy access to all of the assets available on this site. Download the .zip file below.

  • ZIP includes:
  • Checklist and Promoting Content Guide
  • NFHS Network Logo
  • NFHS Network and SBP Web Banners
  • Events Promo Template
  • Event Production Structure
  • Event Advisories
  • Social Media Kit

Promoting your Content and Getting Started

Reaching our target audience is best done through your Association and in conjunction with your member schools. Why? While 40% of our visitors enter the NFHS Network directly into Association profile pages, another 40% enter directly into School pages.

To get started, review the promotion checklist and promoting content guide for some quick and easy wins.

Promotion Checklist

Download pdf

Promoting Content

Download pdf

Web | Web Site Promotional Opportunities

NFHS Network Logo

Download the The NFHS Network logo and integrate it into your web site navigation or on the home page linking back to . Please do not distort and stretch the logo when scaling. If you have the space, we recommend adding a call to action along with the logo such as, “Watch [XYZ] events live on the NFHS Network.”

Logo with Text

Download png

Single Logo

Download png

NFHS Network Web Banners

We create NFHS Network web banners for you to display on your web site. The banners can link directly to your association page on The NFHS Network. We can also create customized web banners with your association branding. To submit a special request, please contact Kealy Hartman at .

SBP | School Broadcast Program

You can help us grow the NFHS Network by promoting the School Broadcast Program to your participating schools. Increasing the adoption of the SBP has proven to be the number one catalyst for driving subscribers to post-season network events. You can download and post web banners for your web site linking directly to more information about the program at: .

School Broadcast Program Web Banners

Download zip


We have created a media advisory template that you can quickly customize and distribute to your media contacts to inform them of upcoming events that will be available on the NFHS Network.

NFHS Media Advisories

Download zip

Social Media

Here are some suggestions for how you can use social media to promote the Network.




On Location

PA Announcements

We have drafted a few key messages that your announcers can use in venue during events to help communicate that the event is being streamed online and will be available on demand or on DVD. Feel free to use these messages and customize them for the specific sport or event.

PA Announcements

Download Word Doc

Digital LED Graphics | Jumbotron, Ribbon Board, Score Board and other Displays

We can create digital graphics to display during events. Please send us the requirements and specifications and any details about how the graphics will be displayed in the venue. Please give us at least 2 weeks notice prior to the event.

LED Ribbon


Promotional Videos

We have produced three promotional videos you can use to build general awareness of the NFHS Network. You can post these videos on your web site or play them in venue on the Jumbotron. Here are the videos we have readily available for you to use:

  • • The NFHS Network Promotional Video
  • • NFHS Network Brand Video
  • • “Time to Shine” Video for Football Playoffs
  • • “Time to Shine” Video for Basketball Playoffs
  • • School Broadcast Program Video

Please contact Kealy Hartman at to request any or all of these videos.

Program Ads

We have created a few generic print ads promoting the benefits of the NFHS Network. You can download any of these generic ads and use them or we can customize them to include your association branding. Many State Associations we work with take the great opportunity and place ads (like the example below) into programs of championships. We are happy to help you to get these created. Please submit your request 2 weeks in advance and send it to .

Send us Your Photos!

We want to feature your association and participating schools on the NFHS Network site and in our promotional materials. Please send us your high school sport action photos – especially those that capture the passion, pride and energy of high school sports. Featuring locally recognizable team names will make the site and our materials feel more relevant so we would love to feature your state’s high school teams within your section of the site. Furthermore, we select a School of the Week and would love to get behind the scenes photos of the broadcast teams in action. We also run a Throwback Thursday promotional campaign through social media and we would love to feature high school photos of any famous or fabulous athletes from your state. Please send any and all photos to .

Good Imagery